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Version History for Simple Search-Replace v1.08  FREE!



Added option to not search text, only find files matching extension.
Added menu to display the command line options.
Added option to limit by date range.
Added file size column to results.
Fixed command line option -R replacing with a blank string.
Minor UI fixes and minor defects.



Added command line option of -r for replace text.
Added support for multiple monitors.
Added support for drag and drop of directories into the Path to Search box.
Added a right-click option to the Results tab that says "remove from results", which simply removes the item from the result list.
Changed the backup to retain the original file extension, appending the .bak after the original file name.



Added basic command line support for finding text within the files.
Added column sorting on results tab.
Added a Save option to the main File menu for saving the results to a file.
Added a Print option to the File menu for printing the results to your printer.
Added an option to the results list that allows you to launch Windows Explorer to the location of the file.



Fixed the main screen for some people who could not find the start button. Now when resizing the first tab does not grow with screen.
Added an option to delete all files in the result set.
Allow Enter to open from the search results like how double click works.
Allow multiple instances of Simple Search and Replace now!
Results File Date now supports system locale formatting.
Added Save Results List to File, which saves all of the results to a csv file - for printing or archiving.



Added the File Date to the results tab
Added an option to retain the original date/time of the file when you replace the contents
Added a Delete option from the results list
Released file handles so program did not have file open after a search
Enabled the results tab while the search is occuring
Fixed the Floating Point Error when locating results that are in use
Fixed searching folders/directories that start with a '.' (period)
Fixed issue with opening files that are in use when you choose the *.* option



Changed the find text and replace with to drop down lists that remember the last 10 items entered
Added the ability to ignore this extension
Added the option to "ignore files with this within the file name" (like ~ or TMP)
Added option to specify a default program for open/double-click from the results tab
Updated tray icon with process information
Updated options tabs
Added suggest a feature to the application to get ideas for improvements



Added ability to resize the program and added a maximize button
Added "Files with text" to the main screen so you can have a status while it is searching
Added an icon to the results tab showing and errors that might have occurred during searching
Added the Open With option so users can customize what the right-click menu is on the results tab
Added more validation on the backup tab in the options
Now prevents the main screen of the application from going beyond the screen bounderies
Removed the error message when it could not open a file or directory
Changed the options to a tabbed dialog box



Added the ability to do autocomplete within the Path to Search (now requires at least IE 5.0+)
Added saving the history of File Types searched on.
Corrected right-click menu on the results list to be at the location of the cursor.
Added a command line option to pass the Path To Search
Corrected a defect that your options were saved even if you clicked on Cancel
Added a new option to add Simple Search/Replace to the right-click menu item of all Windows folders
Reoganized the options
Prevent Multiple instances
Corrected the centering on the options screen and about screen
Added Copy filepath to right-click menu on results tab which copies it to your clipboard
Added an option to minimize it to the system tray
Corrected defect if you had the same text in the find and replace but the replace option was not checked, it would error out.
Added a Windows installer to create shortcuts and added ability to uninstall easily



Initial version