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Screen Shots for Simple Search-Replace v1.08  FREE!

This is the main screen of Simple Search-Replace where you can search a directory and its subdirectories for specific text inside of the file types you specified. You also have the option to replace the text that was searched for with the replace text in the box. If the case sensitive option is checked the software will search for the exact case of the text you typed within the files.

Main screen

Below is an example of replacing HTML text inside of web files. As you can see in our example, it would replace Copyright year with another year.


Once your search and replace is complete, you will see the Results tab which shows you the matches of your search. From this Results tab you can double-click on the file to open it within the associated program, or you can right-click and choose a program from the list of Open With programs that you defined. As you can see in our screen shot, Simple Search-Replace is extremely fast!


If you right-click in the results list you have the following options: Delete, Delete All, Save to file, copy the location to the clipboard and more. Check it out!

Right-click menu

Below are some handy options that determine how you interact with our free Simple Search-Replace software. The most handy option being at the bottom where you can add a Right-Click option to any Folder within Windows to search.


With any search and replace utility you will need settings that allow you to backup the files you modified. With our backup options you have full control over everything about your backup files.


When you get a result list of matches you can right-click on the result list to open the file. In the screen below you can specify the Open With program you want to be able to open the file with. There is no limit to the number of program you can choose to open with. After defining an Open With, the right-click menu of the results displays the configured programs.

Open With

You can determine the default program to use when opening a file within the results list. In the screen below you can specify the Default Open With program.

Default Open With