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Question  Why do I get the error "A problem occurred in initializing MCI."?

When working with AutoRun Wizard you might encounter the error:

The problem is that you have an invalid formatted MP3 file. To check this please go to the Sound tab and identify the filename of the mp3 file. Then go into your base folder and try and open this file in Windows Media Player. Does it load? If not, then your sound file is not formatted properly. If Windows Media player will not play it, neither will AutoRun Wizard.

If you can play your MP3 file outside of AutoRun Wizard, then its a problem with the encoding on that mp3 formatted sound file. Simply go to this free online media converter and upload your mp3 file. Choose to convert this file to a .wav format.

After saving the newly converted .wav format, please add it to your base folder and select that .wav file in the Sound tab within AutoRun Wizard.

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Added: Apr 8, 2008