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FAQ for AutoRun Wizard v2.05    AutoRun Wizard

Click on the question to get the answer. The most popular questions today are listed at the top of the list.

1. What are the command line options for Windows Media Player?
2. My AutoRun is not working on my computer, why? (Windows XP, Windows 2003)
3. What are the PowerPoint Viewer command line options?
4. If I use AutoRun Wizard to launch a PowerPoint file, do my customers need PowerPoint installed?
5. Everything works fine when I Test the CD using AutoRun Wizard, but when I burn to CD it doesn't autorun?
6. Can I force my autorun to open in Internet Explorer?
7. My autorun Icon is not showing up correctly, why?
8. Why do I get the error "A problem occurred in initializing MCI."?
9. How can I automatically play a movie in Windows Media Player?
10. Can I use AutoRun Wizard to autorun files on a USB Flash storage drive?
11. How can I autorun more than 5 autoruns?
12. Can I autorun a file in a subdirectory off the CD?
13. I get an Access Violation when running AutoRun Wizard, why?
14. My AutoRun is not working on my computer, why? (For Windows 95, 98 or ME)
15. Can I open a file on my CD, using a program that I have on the CD?
16. How do I AutoRun an HTML file?
17. Does AutoRun Wizard work on a Macintosh?
18. Where can I get more help with AutoRun Wizard?
19. How can I autorun a file, then Explorer to my CD?
20. How do I register AutoRun Wizard?
21. There a delay between the splash screen and the launched application and I see my desktop, why?
22. I autorun an HTML file and it does not do anything, what is wrong?
23. Can I create transparent splash screens?
24. What options can I choose for the Autorun File Properties command line?
25. Will AutoRun Wizard work on all versions of Windows?
26. Can I autorun a different file for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows?
27. I am using your Make Transparent option, but it does not display 100% transparent.
28. When is the next release of AutoRun Wizard coming out?
29. Can I autorun multiple files with AutoRun Wizard?
30. I have finished creating my autorun within AutoRun Wizard. What do I do now?
31. How can I open Windows Explorer to the CD-ROM drive?
32. I registered AutoRun Wizard, but I am still getting the RJL Software logo popup window. Why?
33. How do I AutoRun a PowerPoint file?
34. I am trying to order your software and keep getting declined.
35. I purchased a registered copy of AutoRun Wizard and how can I download the software again?
36. What if there is no association to my file extension?
37. My sound file does not play at the same time as my Splash Screen, why?
38. Running AutoRun Wizard under IE 7 or 8 Kiosk Mode does not work, why?
39. How can I autorun a Shockwave Flash (swf) file?
40. How can I create a Base Folder?
41. Can I use AutoRunWizard with re-writable CDs?
42. Is your online ordering Secure?
43. Can I autorun a file that does not have a file extension?
44. Why doesn't the autorun popup and run when I place the CD into the drive?
45. How can I copy a file to the users desktop?
46. How can I setup a photo cd to auto play viewing my photos?
47. My AutoRun is not working on my computer, why? (Windows NT Server 4.x or Windows 2000)
48. Why am I seeing the Windows 7/Vista AutoPlay Dialog Box?
49. Can I have my cd autorun to my company website?
50. Can I add Menu to my autorun with AutoRun Wizard?
51. Is there an expiration or limitation to the shareware version of AutoRun Wizard?
52. We get a "Stream Read Error" when running AutoRun Wizard, why?
53. How do I upgrade to the latest version of AutoRun Wizard?
54. Does registering unlock any other features in AutoRun Wizard?
55. How can I close the KIOSK window?
56. How can I copy a shortcut to my application on to the users Desktop?
57. How can I delay the launch of my second autorun file?
58. What is your refund policy?
59. When I autorun my HTML, why is Internet Explorer is giving me a warning about blocking content?
60. I get a message that says the file is corrupt.

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