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Version History for UpTime v1.03  FREE!



Fixed saving the Display Format in the .ini file.
Fixed issue with getting uptime past 49 days.
Fixed the exceptions that could occur when saving the settings to the .ini file if you do not have permissions.



Changed format so it does not display 0 values, such as 1 week, 0 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes.
Added support for Short Date Format HH:MM:SS.
Changed the application to save the options when you come back from the settings screen, instead of only on close of the application.
Fixed a defect that caused the Show Seconds option not to be retained.
Increased the default font size so that the initial start of the application is visible.



Rewrote the entire UpTime logic
Fixed the issue of showing negative numbers after Windows is up for long periods of time
Changed the user iterface to be more of something to be a useful addition to the desktop
Added a tray icon that has a tool tip of the UpTime
Options to minimize to the tray or keep as a desktop buddy
Added an option to stay on top of all other programs
Added options to set font name, size and color
Added options to set the background color
Added the option to show Seconds or not
Removed the option for showing the uptime of milliseconds
Added the option to flash the UpTime, including the color and interval
Added the option to have a rollover, including the color



Initial version