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Windows Product Key Viewer

Screen Shots for Windows Product Key Viewer v1.07  FREE!

This is the main screen of Windows Product Key Viewer where view the installed Product Key and see other information about Windows. From the menu you can print or save this information for later use. Note: We have blurred out our Product Key and Product ID for this screen shot. When you download an run this software on your computer, you will be able to view this information.

Main screen

Below is an example of a Windows 2003 display.

Windows XP

Below is an example of a Windows 2003 display.

Windows 2003 product key

We also detect 64-bit Windows product keys, as noted below.

Windows 2003 64-bit product key

If your software is running under VMWare, VirtualPC or Virtual Server it will be noted in Windows Product Key Viewer . The screenshot below displays Microsoft Vista Ultimate's product key, running under VMWare.

Windows Vista product key

If you still use it, we still support it! We also coded Windows Product Key Viewer to detect Windows 98's product key.

Windows 98 product key