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Missing Registered Email

If you have ordered our software online and are waiting for our "instant" registered email but have not received it. You have come to the right spot. Sometimes in the internet world an email can take a while to be sent, they get stripped by spam filters or they just fail to reach their destination. We understand this and hope you do to.

If you have not received your registered email, don't worry, we have your software. Simply fill out the form below and we will process your request. During normal business hours we monitor this queue often so you should receive your register email soon. In some extreme cases our email server cannot mail you, we will use our GMAIL account to mail registration information.

Your Name:
The full name that your software was registered under.
Registered Email Address:
The exact email address that your software was registered under.
Alternate Contact Email Address:
Just in case we cannot contact you from your primary email address.