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Question  How can I quickly populate the Path to search?

Note Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 users: to set Simple Search-Replace to be in the right-click menu, you must first run the program as the Administrator. This is done by right-clicking Simple Search-Replace and choosing "Run as Administrator". After running Simple Search-Replace as the administrator you can go into the Options (F10) and check the option to "Add option to right-click of Windows Folders" and click Save. From this point forward you can run Simple Search-Replace by double-clicking on it or using the right-click menu on a folder in Windows Explorer.

The quickest way to populate the Path to search textbox is to integrate it with the Windows Explorer right-click menu. We have made the process of adding Simple Search-Replace very easy. As the screenshots below indicate, click on the Options menu and click Settings (F10). You will see this screen:

Simple Search-Replace Explorer Integration

If you check this option and then click Save. Your computer will be automatically updated to include Simple Search-Replace on the right-click menu of any Folder within Windows. This includes the Windows Explorer. Below is an example of the option on the right-click menu of a folder:

Simple Search-Replace right-click menu

Note: If you move the location of Simple Search-Replace after adding the Explorer integration, you will have to check this option in the settings again.

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Added: Mar 23, 2007
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