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FAQ for Message Manager Deluxe v3.03    Message Manager Deluxe

Question  I am trying to order your software and keep getting declined.

You may receive the DECLINED error message while processing a transaction because of several reasons. Determine the cause of the error and resolve the issue using the appropriate solutions below:

The transaction amount exceeds the available credit limit set by the card issuing bank.
   To obtain an approval, contact your bank (Visa and MasterCard) or the appropriate bank (American Express, Discover, and so on) for restriction limit for the day. Have your credit card number, expiration date and amount available ready before you contact your bank. If you are unable to exceed the maximum credit limit, please choose another form of payment such as Check.

The transaction was declined by your issuing bank.
   RJL Software does not approve or decline any credit card transactions; it only receives the approval or denial from your bank. You can use a different credit card, or use another form of payment.

Expired or non-matching expiration date.
   Some card issuing banks will decline the transaction if the expiration date does not match or is expired. However, others as a goodwill gesture to their merchants allow an expired or incorrect expiration date to be used and will approve the transaction regardless.

The Zip code contains all zeros.
  Verify the Zip code being sent does not contain all zero and resubmit for processing.

If other credit cards fail to work, please try and fax us the credit card details using the appropriate form on the Order Details page of the software you wish to order. You can also send a Check (US funds) with the order amount. Please refer to the Order Details page for the software you want to purchase.

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Added: Apr 19, 2005
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