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Question  I get the error: "Exception EOutOfResources in module search.exe"

If you Search or Replace something that contains a SPACE within it, it causes a problem when loading the application again. You might see the error:

Exception EOutOfResources in module search.exe
Unable to insert a line

This is caused by the handling of the most recently used lists for the Search and Replace boxes. If you encounter this error you can delete the search.ini file within the directory where search.exe exists. Alternatively you can open the search.ini file within Notepad.exe and delete the [LastFindWhat] and the [LastReplaceWith] sections. Then reload the application again.

Go under Settings (F10) and UNCHECK the checkbox to Remember last search and replace values.
Unchecking this option will prevent this error from ever happening again.

We are researching a fix which will be released the next time around.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005