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Question  How can I open one of the results in another program besides Notepad?

If you double-click on a result from the Results tab, we will open the file in the program that is associated with the files extension. For example, by default Windows associates .WRI files with WordPad.

Sometimes you do not want to open the resulting file within the program it is associated with. To get around this we have added a "Open in Notepad" option on the right-click menu in the Results tab. This is always available to each file type and allows you to open that file in Notepad.

Default Open With
In the latest version we added the ability to set the Default Open with program. This program is the one that will be used if you double-click on a file, no matter what the extension of the file is. To set this, simply click on Options - Settings (F10) and click on the Default Open tab. From here you can specify the .exe file that will open the files by default.

Add Open With Program
You can add your own Open With popup menu items in the Results tab. For example, if you want to open a .txt file in your own editor you can create an Open With entry and then your editor will appear on the right-click menu of the Results tab. To set this, simply click on Options - Settings (F10) and click on the Open With tab. Then click on Add Program to add the program to the list of options to open the file with.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
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