FAQ for Resize JPEGs v1.01   

What are the command line options for Resize JPEGs?

Resize JPEGs has full support for command line options. Everything you can do in the user interface you can do via the command line. Here are the options:

-f "[file to resize]"
-d "[directory to resize]"
-x [max width]
-y [max height]
-r = resize originals
-a = resize always
-c = close when done
-p = preview
-s = include subdirectories
-e = retain date
-o = output dir
-t = aspect ratio

For example:
resizejpegs.exe -d "c:\my photos\" -r -a -c -x 1600 -e

This would load all of the the JPEG from the "c:\my photos" directory, resize the original photos always, specifying a max width and retaining the date/time of the file.