FAQ for Group Net Send v1.01   

How do I use Group Net Send to send messages to a list of users?

Sending a message to a list of users is simple using Group Net Send. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open notepad.exe and type in the message you want to send to the users. This message can include returns and line breaks.
  2. Save this file as message.txt in the same directory as Group Net Send
  3. Create a new file in notepad.exe and type in all of the usernames/computernames/ip addresses of all of the people you want to receive the message. Each should be seperated by the RETURN key.
  4. Save this file as users.txt in the same directory as Group Net Send
  5. Run cmd.exe to get to a command consolse
  6. Navigate to the directory where Group Net Send is located
  7. To start sending your message type in: netsendcmd.exe message.txt users.txt

There are several other command line options for Group Net Send:

-verbose is an option to see more verbose output when sending the messages
-t is an option to truncate the message if it extents past the character buffer limit
-s is an option to split the message into multiple messages until all of the message has been sent