FAQ for Group Net Send v1.01   

If I send a message to someone using Group Net Send, is this message saved on the computer?

If you send someone a message using Group Net Send, the person who receives this message has an event logged to the computer. This event log shows the information about the message send. Here is an example of what the event log looks like:

Application popup: Messenger Service : Message from COMPUTERNAME1 to USERNAME1 on 12/29/2003 11:52:14 AM

This is test message body

The words "This is a test message body" is the message itself. The computername1 is the computer the message was sent from, the username1 is the name of the person this message was sent to.

If you have v2.01 or higher of Group Net Send you can right-click on the tray icon in your system tray and click "Open event viewer", or you can click the drop down menu on the Options button from the main screen and choose "Open event viewer".

In versions below v2.01 of Group Net Send You can view all of your Message Event Logs by going here: