FAQ for Simple Search-Replace v1.08   

How can I change my Google Adsense code with Simple Search-Replace?

Globally changing your Google Adsense code is a snap with Simple Search-Replace. All you have to do is have the data that you want to change and the data that you want to change it to. For example, suppose you had the following Google Adsense code within all of your html pages:

And you wanted to change the background color for all of your AdSense ads within your html pages to a new background color. You would simply put the following information into Simple Search-Replace:

Path to search: [location of your html files you want to change]
File types: *.html;*.htm [or the extension of all of the files to update]
Find what text: google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; [or the item you want to change]
Check the Replace with checkbox and type in: google_color_bg = "0000FF"; [or whatever color you want to change the background to]
Then click on the START button to start searching and replacing file data.

When Simple Search-Replace is complete you will be taken the the Results tab for a summary of what just occured.