FAQ for Net Send Lite v3.02   

After reboot and re-login I am unable to send to that computer any more. Why?

You are probably using an old version of Net Send Lite. In the latest version we have created smarter logic and we try and re-register your FROM name when sending the message. With the latest version of Net Send Lite, you should no longer have troubles.

We have seen this problem before. Our guess is your are sending the message to the network LOGIN name, not the IP address or Computer name? Try sending to the machine name.

Messenger acts funky sometimes when it "registers" how it will receive message. Try this:

net name

The results should display BOTH machine name and network login name. If not, restart the Messenger Service and try it again. It shows both - right?

That is an issue with Microsoft's Messenger service, we have not figured out why...we just know where the source of the problem is.