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Question  What ports need to be open in order to send net send messages with Net Send Lite?

Net Send Lite uses the net send framework created by Microsoft. This framework relies on the Messenger service (not the same as MSN Messenger). The following table shows the ports required to be open for Net Send Lite to successfully send a net send message:

UDP ports TCP ports
135 135
137 139
138 445

Possible programs using these Messenger ports:

  • Microsoft Outlook clients can talk to Microsoft Exchange servers on TCP 135
  • Windows file sharing requires TCP 139 or 445 depending upon OS
  • Some third party applications, particularly management oriented ones may require TCP 135
  • Windows Media Technology (also known as NetShow) uses TCP 135 for the Windows Media Administrator and Windows Media Encoder
  • According to Microsoft, "Microsoft Office suite and other applications are DCOM aware."
  • UDP 137 is needed for netbios name resolution. It and port 138 may be needed for access to netbios resources on the network.
  • Some RPC based services exist on high ports (those greater than 1024). It may be possible that those services can be accessed and exploited directly bypassing the mapper on 135.

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Added: Feb 22, 2005