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Question  If I upgrade Message Manager Deluxe why do I have to re-create all of my message files?

When you upgrade from an old version of Message Manager Deluxe you will have to re-create any messages that were created with older versions of Message Manager Deluxe. There currently is no "message upgrade" feature. That means if you overwrite your old version of Message Manager Deluxe with the latest version...you will have to edit each individual message within the editor. When you edit those messages you will get an error when loading the message telling you that you have to re-create it. After you re-create the message then re-save it everything will be fine. From release to release the format of the message.dat files have change dramatically.

We understand the hassle of manually converting messages from an older version of Message Manager Deluxe and hope to have a solution within the next release to handle the upgrading of existing/old messages. In the mean time, please continue to manually re-create the message for each product upgrade.

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Added: Mar 20, 2006