FAQ for Message Manager Deluxe v3.03   

How can I display a different message for each day of the work week?

If you want to display 5 messages, one for each day. Different messages for each day. Create the custom messages for each day, each with unique message properties for that day. You can setup a SCHEDULE to only run on that day. You could setup monday.dat, tuesday.day, wednesday.dat, thursday.dat, friday.dat Setup monday.dat to ONLY run on MONDAY's, etc.

Then execute each of the following commands, every day:

\\server1\MMDeluxe\loadmsg.exe \\server1\MMDeluxe\monday.dat
\\server1\MMDeluxe\loadmsg.exe \\server1\MMDeluxe\tuesday.dat
\\server1\MMDeluxe\loadmsg.exe \\server1\MMDeluxe\wednesday.dat
\\server1\MMDeluxe\loadmsg.exe \\server1\MMDeluxe\thursday.dat
\\server1\MMDeluxe\loadmsg.exe \\server1\MMDeluxe\friday.dat

If today was Tuesday this is what would occur: the monday.dat message would load...detect it was Tuesday and close without displaying anything. When tuesday.dat was loaded, it would load the message (because it is Tuesday). When wed-fri.dat load, they would act just like the monday.dat did and not display anything.

You also have the option to display the message only once on the specified day.