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Question  When editing my message, why do I get an error message when a log file already exists?

The warning message...

The log file already exist: \\filepath\logfile\ Changing what is logged in the log file could cause the data to be mixed with existing logged data. Would you like to change the settings of the log file to ensure data is not intermixed? YES/NO

This message occurs when you Edit an existing message that has a log file path/name that already exists. The reason why we added this is because the contents of the log file is based on the messages previously created. If you change the data that is written to the log file, the value of this log file becomes less.

For example, if you created a message that logs to \\server1\logs\message.log file for everyone. You specified the delimiter to be a , (comma) and you included ALL of the checkbox options for the log file. When the first message is displayed and the log file is created, it will create the headers necessary to spec the columns of the contents of the data. Each following display of the message will simply append to this existing log file.

Imagine that you went Edited the message to change the wording of the message and updated the sound that plays. Then you also UNCHECK the option to write the MachineName to the log file and click save. The following warning message will be displayed.

Message Manager Warning

This message warns you that the file contains old data and if you UNCHECKED the option to log the MachineName, then this information will no longer be logged. When importing the log file into SQL or Excel or any 3rd party software...the data will be inconsistant and of less value.

If you have not changed the log file information and do not care if the log file exists already, simply click NO and move on to editing your message.

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Added: Dec 19, 2006