FAQ for AnyImage Screen Saver v1.05   

It keeps on showing the RJL logo after I select my directory, why?

In previous versions of AnyImage Screen Saver we had issues displaying images that were not set by Windows with the Archive file attribute. Since v1.05 this issue has been resolved. If you are running anything below v1.05, please download the latest version of AnyImage Screen Saver to correct this.

If you have the latest version and you are still having this issue then read on...The RJL logo will display when the screen saver cannot locate any images that match the criteria set in the screen saver configuration. If you think you have setup AnyImage correctly, but you are still seeing the RJL logo please check the following settings within the AnyImage setup:

Another troubleshooting option would be to turn on the option for "Show image filename" under the Misc. options. Then run AnyImage Screen Saver, if we have troubles with your image or loading your image, it will display in the "image name" location.

We have found some instances where our AnyImage Screen Saver will not display some formatted JPEG files. If you are encountering several or all of your JPEG file are not displaying in our AnyImage Screen Saver software.... simply EDIT these files within any photo editor and re-save them. Then run our AnyImage Screen Saver software again.