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TreeCopy v1.11  FREE!

Have you ever needed to copy a directory structure without copying the files? TreeCopy now makes this possible. Our small program will allow you to select the "from directory" and "into directory", and it will proceed to copy ONLY the directory structure. The utility is bundled with functionality such as a command line interface, calculate directories, Windows XP look and feel and much, much more!

TreeCopy is a free download, so try it out. Click here to download TreeCopy v1.11 .

Command line options for TreeCopy:

You can optionally use the command line option that allows you to specify the source directory and the destination directory. Like this:

treecopy.exe {source dir} {dest dir}

treecopy.exe D:\InetPub\wwwroot\ F:\backups\wwwroot\

If you omit the destination directory, the application directory will be used. If any errors occur during command line processing, an errors.log file will be created in the application directory.

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? See our Support FAQ

How to close TreeCopy:

Choose File - Exit from the main menu.

To run TreeCopy you are required to have:
TreeCopy will only work successfully on these specific Windows operating systems:
Windows 10  Windows 8  Windows 7  Windows 2008  Windows Vista  Windows XP  Windows 2003  Windows 2000  Windows NT  Windows ME  Windows 98  Windows 95