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Resize JPEGs

Resize JPEGs v1.01  FREE!

Resize JPEGs is a simple, easy to use photo resizing utility. You can resize a single photo or resize an entire directory. We did not include any useless features in our product, we wanted something easy for anyone to understand. Other vendors provide features to convert, rotate, grayscale, thumbnails, print, email, publish, watermark, color correct, filter, and more! With Resize JPEGs you get just that, a program that will resize your jpegs, nothing more.

Resize JPEGs is full featured with the ability to set the size you want to resize to, including the standard default sizes and a custom size. We added the ability to resize the originals or create a smaller copy in a different directory. You can drag and drop jpegs or pick and entire directory and all of its subdirectories. The preview features lets you see the image that we are currently processing. Of course we added Windows Explorer integration that allows you to right-click on a folder and Resize all the JPEGs in that folder. In addition we added full command line support for batch processing of images.

When all of the files are processed you have the option to view the summary that includes the number of files found, matched and resized. Because we think Resize JPEGs is the fastest resizer out there, we included performance statistics so you can view how long it took to resize these files, all the way to the ms. Go ahead, compare our compression algorithm with other vendors, we will win.

All of the options you select are remembered so the next time you run Resize JPEGs it keeps your preferences. Resize JPEGs is an excellent utility for resizing photos for email, internet or just to save space on reports and presentations. Click here to download Resize JPEGs v1.01 .

Command line options for Resize JPEGs:

Resize JPEGs has full support for command line options. Everything you can do in the user interface you can do via the command line. Here are the options:

-f "[file to resize]"
-d "[directory to resize]"
-x [max width]
-y [max height]
-r = resize originals
-a = resize always
-c = close when done
-p = preview
-s = include subdirectories
-e = retain date
-o = output dir
-t = aspect ratio

For example:
resizejpegs.exe -d "c:\my photos\" -r -a -c -x 1600 -e

This would load all of the the JPEG from the "c:\my photos" directory, resize the original photos always, specifying a max width and retaining the date/time of the file.

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? See our Support FAQ

How to close Resize JPEGs:

Click the close button

Resize JPEGs will only work successfully on these specific Windows operating systems:
Windows 10  Windows 8  Windows 7  Windows 2008  Windows Vista  Windows XP  Windows 2003  Windows 2000  Windows NT  Windows ME  Windows 98  Windows 95